Music Production Workshop

Brandon Bossenberry

CTCH 110

Prof Smith

September 25, 2019

In this workshop I have been introduced to new things I have not tried before. I am actually familiar with music production as it is a hobby of mine but have never gotten to try anything outside the computer. Being able to interact with djing and all of this production equipment was really fun and exciting, especially since it is very expensive and would be very hard for me to get on my own. 

The djing equipment was really cool and it was fun to mess with the music and scratch the vinyl. It was interesting to see the more old school way of djing to hip hop music and using the vinyls as an instrument to compliment the song. 

The Maschine used for ableton live was something I knew about but have never tried before. I’m familiar with the program itself but getting to use the hardware was a different was to make a beat. I quite enjoyed being able to click all the drum pads myself instead of lining everything up with a mouse. 

Last the Akai MPC was different as well. While I prefer to use something like the Maschine that connects directly to a DAW (which the Akai can do as well) it was cool to see all the music created on one small device. Being able to insert a memory card and load up sounds and create sequences on such a small device was fun. 

I quite enjoyed this workshop as I got to try things that I may never have gotten the opportunity to try especially in a field that I have a lot of interest in. I do all of my production in my digital audio workstation by itself but this interests me in some day getting some hardware to help for my projects.

Me Working On Maschine

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